Billboard’s Best of CES 2023 | Billboard

Billboard’s Best of CES 2023

"Top trends Billboard spotted include major advancements in wireless electronics, including televisions, useful and lightweight VR and AR applications and devices..."

January 27, 2023

Melinda Sheckells


"While it’s impossible to see it all — and even more difficult to figure out what will actually make it into consumers’ hands — this comprehensive list represents the innovations Billboard loved best, that we think, in the short term or long term, will make our work better and our lives more enjoyable.

Best AR/VR Innovation: OVR ION 3

Multisensory tech integrated with scent capabilities is on the horizon for OVR Technology’s newest product. The company showcased the ION 3 at CES, a wearable attachment compatible with VR headsets and other audio hardware. Using Scentware, the ION 3 cartridge is capable of producing several thousand smell combinations. The experience is not one that perfectly replicates the physical world, but it creates brand-new, unique smells to heighten immersion.

Why We Love It: The potential to reach audiences through scent technology is made possible through Bluetooth connectivity. Engineered to help content creators craft matching aromas for their media, the scents also can be saved for future use."

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Using scent to drive outcomes by linking memory and emotion to create more immersive Virtual Experiences.

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