OVR Technology Partners with CAYA on Multi-sensory Metaverse Experience Portal & Mobile App

New technology gives voice – and commerce opportunities – to indigenous artists, starting in Australia and the Pacific.

Burlington, VT – OVR Technology, the leader in digitizing scent for the metaverse and digital experiences, announces a partnership with Australia-based CAYA, the first-ever culture forward, creator-led immersive metaverse experience portal and mobile app. CES attendees can preview the possibilities of this partnership at Booth #51365 (in the Tech West-Venetian Expo Hall).

CAYA creates experiences such as metaverse music festivals, fashion shows, art and cultural festivals, and well-being events in collaboration with high-profile artists and musicians. CAYA’s mission is to empower indigenous communities worldwide, and in doing so, create commercial opportunities for them. CAYA looks to OVR Technology to help it provide a full immersion experience.

“By partnering with OVR Technology, CAYA will seamlessly integrate the sense of smell for participants to increase immersion, as part of our mindfulness initiative to drive anti-anxiety,” said Daniel Stricker, CAYA founder. “Affordable use of OVR’s ION Scentware will allow all participants the option to add scent to their metaverse, a world first well-being scent-based NFT collection.”

OVR Technology’s new ION 3, which debuts at CES 2023, is a personal wearable scent technology, which allows users to experience multisensory content via mobile, desktop, AR, and VR. The ION X includes a universal scentware cartridge capable of producing thousands of unique scent combinations.

In 2021, OVR TEchnology partnered with CAYA co-founder Daniel Stricker on “Shifting Homes,” a virtual reality Samoan experience that represented Australia and the Pacific at the Venice Biennale. CAYA’s 2023 experience will tour worldwide partnering with high profile musicians and artists.


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