CES: Where You Learn About Next Year’s Biggest & Best Technology

If you’re looking for the place to check out the biggest, best, most innovative technology of the coming year, that would be CES. Previously called The Consumer Electronics Show, the trade show is held each year in January in Las Vegas and is one of the largest—if not the largest—worldwide. 

"CES is where the future of technology is demonstrated and defined. Tens of thousands of people come from all over the globe to see how our lives are going to integrate with technology now and in the future," says Sam Wisniewski, CFO of OVR Technology.

CES is where the biggest brands do business and meet new partners, as well as the sharpest innovators, according to the Consumer Technology Association (which puts on CES). There’s a wide variety of technology present—from audio/video to computer hardware and software. 

But CES isn’t just where tech nerds see niche technology unveiled (think: prototypes of mind-controlled earbuds). You’ll also see big brands like BMW that showcased preliminary results of BMW iX Flow—a technology that changes the exterior color of the vehicle based on an electric field. 

CES is meant for industry folks to both explore the technology of the future and showcase their company’s own advancements. With over 2,000-plus exhibitors and 100,000 people expected to attend in person, CES is also where people come to understand upcoming trends—what will be, what could be. This is where startups sit next to established companies like Sony, Abbot, and John Deere. In many ways, this is where the future of the tech industry is defined. 

For the first time, OVR will attend CES this year. We are helping to build the future of wearable, digital scent technology—and at CES we’ll showcase new technology that brings scent, our most primal sense, to metaverse, Web3, and digital experiences. 

"We are entering the age of the Metaverse. Extended reality will drive entertainment, wellness, education, commerce, and social connection. The quality of these experiences will be measured by how immersive and emotionally engaging they are. Scent, although it's often overlooked, has a profound impact on how we feel, how we think, and how we behave and there’s more research than ever on science behind its power,” says Wisniewski. “Up until now, no one has been able to successfully harness that power to enhance our digital experiences, but OVR has effectively digitized our sense of smell so we can get the most out of the metaverse now, and in the future.”

Interested in learning more about the future of digital scent technology? Sign up here to meet us at CES 2023!


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