Smell This Simulation | Smell Ya Later Podcast

Smell This Simulation Smell Ya Later Podcast 

Smell This Simulation | Smell Ya Later Podcast 

August 31, 2021 -Tynan Sinks - Sable Yong

“I came across OVR technology just looking up scent stuff and what they do is incorporate olfaction into virtual reality, which I feel like everybody is trying to do these days but I feel they’re actually being really intentional with it and innovative with it” 

Tynan Sinks and Sable Yong of the Smell Ya Later Podcast interviewed Aaron Wisniewski, CEO of OVR Technology. In the interview, they discussed Aaron’s background as a chef and wine sommelier, what started the idea for OVR Technology, the science of scent, and the mechanics and applications of OVR’s scent simulating VR technology. 

Check out the full episode, “Smell This Simulation” to learn more!


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