The Best (And Strangest) Tech We Found at CES 2023 | Washington Post

The Best (And Strangest) Tech We Found at CES 2023

"OVR’s smell-a-verse isn’t elegant, but it’s the first iteration of something that might one day seem as natural as the scent of grass at a park."

January 6, 2023

Tatum Hunter

Washington Post

"LAS VEGAS — CES, one of the world’s largest consumer electronics shows, came back in full swing this week… We’ve scoured the show floor for the best, most intriguing, and downright weirdest products of CES 2023."

"Smell your way through virtual worlds

OVR Technology, adding scent to virtual experiences opens a new realm of possibilities for gamers, retailers and healthcare providers. At CES, it expanded on its existing offering — an add-on device for VR headsets — and dropped a stand-alone wearable with an odor-filled cartridge that pairs over Bluetooth with gaming systems, mobile devices, or desktops.

Smell plays an important role in our limbic systems — which influence emotions and behavior — so adding scent to a virtual retail exhibit or therapeutic VR environment can change the way people respond to it, OVR CEO and co-founder Aaron Wisniewski said in an interview. In hospitals, for example, OVR’s tech is being tested to help burn victims manage pain. It’s also courting big retailers to add scent to at-home shopping or fancy marketing exhibits.

We tried OVR’s headset accessory to learn what smell could add to a romp through VR. The virtual rose we plucked from the virtual ground smelled floral on one end and peaty on the other. An oceanside smelled like lavender. A waterfall was oddly vanilla-ish."

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