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 What Does the Metaverse Smell Like? - SubVRsive

What Does the Metaverse Smell Like?

July 14, 2022


''Whether we realize it or not, our sense of smell helps us navigate the world. We can use scent in the metaverse in a multitude of ways, but the immediate game changers will be applications of storytelling and utility...'

The team at Subvrsive is engaging clients with conversations about ION, OVR Technology’s scent-simulating VR technology.

They've run ION through three progressively more complex simulations, beginning with virtual spheres that released scent when interacted with and ending with “a serene 360° video scene that placed users next to a waterfall and emitted campfire and ocean scents”.

Subvrsive’s team experienced positive emotions and memories throughout, concluding that there are numerous potential marketing and branding applications that it could greatly benefit “experiential marketing and immersive training”. 

Read Subvrsive’s full article to learn more about OVR Technology’s ION and the Subvrsive team's experience with scent in VR.  



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Using scent to drive outcomes by linking memory and emotion to create more immersive Virtual Experiences.

  • Mental Health
  • Corporate Wellness Tools
  • Effective Training for High Risk Occupation
  • Technology driven Holistic approaches
  • Immersive VR Experiences

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