CES 2023: All the Cool, Crazy and Cute Tech We Found in Las Vegas | WSJ

CES 2023: All the Cool, Crazy and Cute Tech We Found in Las Vegas

"LAS VEGAS—A head-worn smell generator. Cameras mounted on hummingbird feeders. A plane mask that covers your mouth for quiet phone calls at 30,000 feet. The annual tech confab in Las Vegas is back."

January 8, 2023

Shara Tibken

The Wall Street Journal

"While CES isn’t at full strength just yet and some economic worries caused companies to highlight more pragmatic product ideas, the event looked a little more like usual this year."

"We saw hundreds of gadgets. Some were unproven and many could go sideways, but here’s what intrigued, delighted and puzzled us most in Vegas.

Virtual Smell Machine

Vermont-based startup OVR Technology created a wearable that produces scents to match the views from smartphones, tablets or computers. The Ion 3 wraps around the back of your head and rests low on your left cheek, mixing from eight essences to project on-the-fly smells toward your nose. When you’re gazing at a beach scene, you can inhale the sea air. When you’re touring exotic locales from your office chair, you can actually smell the flowers. We’ve tried it, and it really works. You can design your own scents, combining essences ranging from earthy and woody to citrus and sweet."

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