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The Best Tech to Buy at CES 2023

January 6, 2023

Marc Saltzan 

USA Today

"More than 100,000 CES attendees have crammed into the Las Vegas Convention Center and surrounding facilities to kick the tires on tomorrow's tech today. The following are items I would actually buy (if and) when they debut in 2023.

'Smell-o-Vision' for VR?'    You can see 360-degree content in virtual reality, hear spatialized audio, and even experience haptic feedback when "touching" items in VR worlds – but smell may be next.

"OVR Technology, a Vermont-based startup that focuses on "digital scent technology," chose CES to launch ION 3, a wearable cartridge-based scent solution optimized for virtual and augmented reality, mobile, and PC desktops.

Resembling an old-school headset you'd wear around your neck (with one arm extending to sit near your nostrils), the device connects via Bluetooth and can emit aromas, like a perfume, in different combinations to create "thousands" of unique scents.

For example, imagine the aroma of, say, lavender while meditating in VR, or the smell of gun smoke during a first-person shooter game."

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