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Published May/June 2022- Texas School or Business

Classes in Calm

“For several years, mental health experts have spoken out about the increased levels of stress and anxiety children are experiencing. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, adding more fuel to an already roaring fire.” 

Studies performed by the American Psychological Association have shown that teenagers in the United States experience high levels of stress but do not have the knowledge to mitigate or cope with the stress they experience. Many schools in the United States have taken on the task of addressing these concerning results by finding ways to help reduce the levels of stress teenagers experience as well as help them build skills to better handle their stress levels. 

Mineral Wells Independent School District has chosen to use OVR Technology’s scent simulation VR technology as a tool to help their students learn how to mitigate and cope with their stress. The school uses OVR’s VR headset and accompanying scent simulation hardware to help students, grades four through twelve, to reduce stress through “a five - to eight-minute guided meditation. [During which the] headset shows one of three relaxing scenes: a summit, a waterfall or an ocean, while a speaker leads a meditation about how to acknowledge your thoughts and feelings while staying in the moment, yet learning to let go and relax. Throughout the meditation, the headset releases one of several gentle, water-based scents.” The results of using the VR headset and scent hardware have been promising, with many students noticing a marked reduction in overall feelings of stress immediately after going through the guided meditation. 

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