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Model 6 with product 1-minHealthcare Case Study in Focus: ManageXR and OVR

"In November, ManageXR partnered with OVR, an immersive hardware manufacturer that creates a unique headset accessory which simulates a sense of smell in an immersive environment."

November 15, 2022

Rory Greener

XR Today

Wellness, relaxation, and meditation applications can leverage OVR’s specialized scent hardware to increase immersion dramatically.

OVR designed its solution for clinical environments to stimulate users’ memory, cognition, emotion, and behaviour when participating in immersive learning and wellness scenarios.

By partnering with ManageXR, OVR can streamline software deployments by enabling automated systems which sideload application updates and eliminates hands-on, manual installation procedures. According to the partners, this system also creates a frictionless user experience via a bespoke OVR-branded dashboard.

Initially, for an expert to update the OVR ION device, they had to plug each individual into a USB to download new firmware updates – a slow process for its users.

This end-user hurdle made OVR turn to ManageXR as an MDM partner. ManageXR’s cloud-based platform negated the manual sideloading process by remotely updating devices. The integrated cloud infrastructure stores new application versions ready for distribution.

The streamlined cloud-based management solution enables OVR clients to adopt an organization-wide VR infrastructure without technical restrictions"

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Using scent to drive outcomes by linking memory and emotion to create more immersive Virtual Experiences.

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  • Effective Training for High Risk Occupation
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