INHALE 3 for Mental Health & Wellbeing Released

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The third iteration of OVR's award-winning immersive VR experience designed to promote relaxation and general well-being, INHALE 3, is now available to current clients and new enterprise partners. 

INHALE 3 provides a new user experience for the INHALE Wellness Platform, with a streamlined and easy-to-navigate interface and a new approach to helping users achieve their desired mood state outcomes. Users interact with a relaxing and tranquil setting during which corresponding scents are precisely released, mimicking scent as it arises and dissipates in the real world. 

What’s New?

    • New scent mood orbs foster the mood state outcome that the user seeks to achieve. Each orb has a unique color and scent and connects to an optional mood-specific mediation track. Unlike in prior versions of INHALE, the scents are not immediately recognizable. The user builds new scent memories connected to the desired mood state outcome, instead of relying on already formed scent associations. Three scent orbs produce experiences to reduce stress, increase calm and focus, and foster deep relaxation. 
    • New scents. The deep relaxation mood orb includes a novel mixture of deep, rich scents that elicit a feeling of warmth and security, while the destress mood orb includes pleasant, fresh scents, and calm focus mood orb has scents typically associated with alertness, such as freshly-cut grass. Within the virtual environment, OVR has also developed its next iteration of scents, including waterfall, an earthy, wet dirt scent; shoreline, a fresh marine scent with a hint of seaweed; and mountaintop, a coniferous ozonic scent.
    • New meditations were designed by experts Rachel Herz, Ph.D., and Toby Sola, CEO of Brightmind Meditation, to support each mood state outcome, with 10-minute and 5-minute variations. Users may choose to experience INHALE without a meditation track and simply enjoy the nature scenes.

Other updates and enhancements include a new scent cartridge, improved and streamlined user navigation and settings menu, and an improved grip system for picking up objects. 

OVR Technology worked with industry subject matter experts to revamp the path to mood state outcomes, scent experiences, and overall ease of use and navigation. All scents are created by OVR Technology at its laboratory in Burlington, Vermont.  

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