WILDVENTURE XR to Release Multi-sensory Digital Nature Experience with Scent Driven by OVR Technology

OVR’s New Wearable Scent Technology Available Via Wildventure XR’s 2023 Immersive Endangered Habitats Experience.

Burlington, VT – OVR Technology, the leader in digitizing scent for the metaverse and digital experiences, announces a partnership with Wildventure XR, an impact-driven immersive entertainment company, to produce immersive, multisensory content. CES attendees can preview the possibilities of this content partnership at Booth #51365 (in the Tech West-Venetian Expo Hall).

Later in 2023, Wildventure XR and OVR Technology will release a scent-driven, multisensory experience inspired by Nature that will transport audiences to some of Earth's most iconic biomes to engage with Nature in new and exciting ways.

“Olfactory is an essential part of our storytelling landscape and we are thrilled to be working with OVR,” said Virginia Galloway, Co-Founder and Creative Executive at Wildventure XR. “Moments that involve scent create the strongest memories and as an impact-driven multisensory artist, I look for olfactory tech and tools to help me deepen an emotional connection to our content, creating a joyful sense memory experience that will drive behavioral change.”

Wildventure XR’s 2023 immersive experience will utilize OVR Technology’s new ION 3, a personal wearable scent technology, which allows users to experience multisensory content via mobile, desktop, AR, and VR. The ION X includes a universal scentware cartridge capable of producing thousands of unique scent combinations.

“OVR’s scent wearable is the ultimate tool for artists, creators, and brands working in the digital content space and a defining moment for the creative tech industry,” Galloway said. “This creates a tectonic shift in the experience landscape, cracking open a new realm and wave of powerful, unforgettable digital engagement across multiple formats.”

“Wildventure's visionary installation will raise the bar for what immersive experiences can and should be,” said Aaron Wisniewski, CEO, and co-founder of OVR Technology. “We are honored to be working with such a talented and experienced team to usher in the next era of socially and environmentally conscious immersive experiences that engage all the senses and have a huge emotional impact on all the guests.”

Earlier in 2022, OVR Technology won Best in Show - Virtual Reality at the Augmented World Expo USA for its first-of-its-kind spatial scent technology for virtual reality.


Wildventure XR is an impact-driven immersive entertainment company whose purpose is to support a return to our right relationship with Nature. Created collaboratively by Indigenous knowledge keepers, climate scientists, and a community of experiential and immersive artists, Wildventure delivers multi-sensory experiences that center curiosity and joy as the key drivers to engagement and impact.

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Using scent to drive outcomes by linking memory and emotion to create more immersive Virtual Experiences.

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