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XR’s wide range of interface technologies: Achieving total Immersiveness

OVR CEO Aaron Wisniewski says: “The metaverse without scent would be like living life in black and white."

November 24, 2022

Martin Schwirn

Computer Weekly

"Visuals are important to create convincing representations of the real world in extended reality, but they are neither inclusive nor do they provide a sufficiently authentic sensation in virtual worlds. 

Genuine immersiveness will require interfaces that address the breadth of human senses

 OVR Technology offers a device that can attach to VR headsets to provide a wide range of scents. The company mentions use cases such as meditation and response training for this device. Leveraging VR users’ sense of smell should come naturally for developers who are seeking to create more immersive virtual environments".

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Using scent to drive outcomes by linking memory and emotion to create more immersive Virtual Experiences.

  • Mental Health
  • Corporate Wellness Tools
  • Effective Training for High Risk Occupation
  • Technology driven Holistic approaches
  • Immersive VR Experiences

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