Digital Scent Leader Announces Partnerships with Innovators in Digital Experience to Set New Standard in Ultra-Premium, Multi-Sensory Content

OVR Technology partners with Healium, CAYA, and Wildventure XR on immersive, emotionally-engaging, and effective content.

Burlington, VT – OVR Technology, the leader in digital scent technology, introduces three new digital content partnerships that leverage the multisensory possibilities of its next-generation ION 3 wearable scent technology and scent creation tools, which will be introduced for the first time at CES 2023. OVR partners with Healium on digital mental well-being support, WildVentureXR on an impact-driven immersive nature experience, and CAYA on metaverse storytelling and commerce for indigenous communities. CES 2023 attendees may preview all three experiences at Booth #51365 (in the Tech West-Venetian Expo Hall).

ION 3, the first personal, wearable scent technology optimized for VR, AR, mobile, and desktop, enhances immersion and creates emotionally-engaging, interactive digital experiences through its patented suite of tools, which includes:

● Wearable to experience multisensory content via mobile, desktop, AR, and VR

● Mobile app for creators to produce and share multisensory content, designed in partnership with leading cognitive neuroscientist Rachel Herz, PhD

● Universal scentware cartridge capable of producing thousands of unique scent combinations designed for digital experiences

HEALIUM - Scent “impacts the brain and heart in unique ways, and when you combine that power with stories you can smell and feel...Wow.”

OVR has partnered with digital wellness leader Healium to leverage digital scent for more immersive and impactful wellness experiences. This innovative approach to wellness comes on the heels of a joint scientific study and can be experienced on the Healium platform as well as the OVR app in 2023. "Healium is delighted to scent-enable our stories with this new partnership with OVR," said Sarah Hill, CEO of Healium. “We plan to offer the ION 3 wearable as a compatible wearable with the Healium and Sleepium apps later this year.”

Read more about the Healium partnership.

CAYA - Scent, “a world-first wellbeing scent-based NFT collection.”

This first-ever culture forward, creator-led immersive metaverse experience portal and mobile app is on a mission to empower indigenous communities worldwide, and in doing so, create commercial opportunities for them. CAYA partners with OVR Technology to increase the immersive quality, boost emotion, and provide more storytelling tools to its creative community. “Access to OVR’s ION scentware will allow all participants the option to add scent to their metaverse, a world first well-being scent-based NFT collection,” said Daniel Stricker, CAYA founder.

Read more about the CAYA partnership.

WILDVENTURE XR - Scent, “the ultimate tool for artists.”

The impact-driven immersive entertainment company joins forces with OVR to release a scent-driven, multisensory experience inspired by Nature that will transport audiences to some of Earth's most iconic biomes to engage with Nature in new and exciting ways. “OVR’s scent wearable is the ultimate tool for artists, creators, and brands working in the digital content space and a defining moment for the creative tech industry,” said Virginia Galloway, Co-Founder and Creative Executive at WildventureXR. “We look for olfactory tech and tools to help us deepen an emotional connection to our content, creating a joyful sense memory experience that will drive behavioral change.”

“And this is just the beginning,” said Aaron Wisniewski, CEO of OVR Technology. “Via Bluetooth technology, any content creator can communicate with ION 3, such that anyone may enable their content with scent. We are bringing the power of scent to everyone – and we can’t wait to see how the creative community responds.”

Read more about the WILDVENTURE XR partnership.

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